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Cannonball Islands

A 2 player game where you need to sink you enemy's island! Use your cannon to try and hit your opponent's citizens. You have 3 lives, the player that loses all his citizens (and thus their lives) loses the game.

This game was made for the Weekly Game Jam - Week 110, where the theme was 'Floating Sky Islands'. We (the developers) had one week to develop our games. I placed 30th out of 52 entries and that's a fair placement (the Jam Version of the game is really subpar).

 I include 2 downloadables instances of this game: the Jam Version and the Updated Version. I strongly recommend the Updated Version, because the Jam Version has a lot of bugs and the main gameplay mechanic isn't even functioning correctly.

How to Play:

  • Simply use the mouse, click the left mouse button to shoot and take turns (since the game is for 2 players)

I hope you like it! 

Install instructions

1. Install the .zip files.

2. Unzip the files.

3. Run the game.


CannonballIslands.zip 9 MB
Cannonball Islands_JamVersion.zip 5 MB

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