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Find the Controls

You start with nothing, not even the controls. Find the big power balls to get your abilities back. Progress more and more through the world as you get more and more controls!

This game was made in (technically) 72 hours for the Jam category of LudumDare 45. The theme was 'Start with Nothing'.

How to Play:

- You have to unlock every directional , jump, and attack controls;

- Use 'D' or 'Right Arrow' to move right (once unlocked);

- Use 'A' or 'Left Arrow' to move left (once unlocked);

- Use 'W' or 'Up Arrow' to jump (once unlocked);

- Use 'Spacebar' to attack (once unlocked);

Install instructions

1. Install the .zip.

2. Unzip the files.

3. Run the game.


FindTheControls_LudumDare45.zip 15 MB

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