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An exciting sci-fi shooter where you control a spaceship and can change galaxies! Press space when  you are in danger to go to another galaxy, with a total different set of threats. But be careful, your special ability has to recharge for some seconds, so you can't use it all the time! Reach the highest of scores imaginable!

This game was made for the DISCORD JAM #2, a 48 hour Game Jam, where the theme was SPACE. I'm really proud of this game, I spent around 16 hours making it. 

Since the jam finish, I have updated the game to add some quality of life improvements:

- Highscore saving;

- A new 'info' button on the menu of the game, explaining how to play;

- Fixed the meteor destroy sound and animation;

- Improved the transition animation;

How to play:

- W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys to move.

- Left mouse button to shoot.

- Space to change galaxies (there is a cooldown so you can't use this all the time).

Install instructions

1. Install the .zip.

2. Unzip the files.

3. Run the game.


SpaceToSpace.zip 4 MB
SpaceToSpace_JamVersion.zip 4 MB

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