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Point , click and  press the mouse buttons to get through the platforms with your televison! You will need to do that to save your significant other, since the old and jealous televisions kidnapped her.

This game was made for the Geta Game Jam 9. The theme was 'contrasting elements' ,so I decided to make a platformer contrasting with the gameplay of a point and click game. The hardcore challenge for this jam was making all of the game's sound (the music was not necessary) with the mouth. So, I did all the sounds and music with my mouth (although only in the Updated Version of he game). The music was heavily inspired by another game in the Jam, called Mirror World (check it out)!

How to play: 

- Left Mouse Button to move.

- Right Mouse Button to jump.

- Middle Mouse Button (or Enter if you are using a touch pad) to place platforms.

You can download the Jam Version of the game (made in only 2 hours) or the Updated Version. Here's what changed in the Updated Version:

- Improved controls (thus the point and click mechanic);

- Added feedback when clicking the mouse (sounds and animation);

- Custom cursor;

- Implemenented the 'Place Platforms' mechanic;

- Added more levels;

- Added sound and music;

- Improved the ending.

Install instructions

1. Install the .zip files.

2. Unzip the files.

3. Run the game.


TelevisionPoint&Platform.zip 11 MB
TelevisionPoint&Platform_JamVersion.zip 1 MB

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