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WARNING: This game contains flashing lights!

In this strange world controlled by a computer, you must do as he says and everything will be alright ... hopefully ... Are you his little toy? Is he hiding something from you? You don't have many answers, so now you will do your best to solve these mysteries.

This game was made for the Comunity Game Jam and the theme was  'The Game Is A Liar'. Unfortunally,  I spent less than one day on the Jam Version so I didn't have time to finish everything I had envisioned for the game. Since then end of the Jam I have completed it and now it is my biggest project to date, with almost 30 levels and 3 backgroud songs.

How to play:

- W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys to move.

- Space Bar to jump.

Install instructions

1. Install the .zip.

2. Unzip the files.

3. Run the game.


The Liar & Luke1.1.1.zip 14 MB
The Liar & Luke (ComunityGameJam).zip 2 MB

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